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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-02-18CenEEGs: Valid EEG selection for classificationDai C; Pi D; Becker SI; Wu J; Cui L; Johnson B
2020-01-01Behavior of crossover operators in NSGA-III for large-scale optimization problemsYi JH; Xing LN; Wang GG; Dong J; Vasilakos AV; Alavi AH; Wang L
2020-02-15Carbon and water fluxes in two adjacent Australian semi-arid ecosystemsTarin T; Nolan RH; Eamus D; Cleverly J
2019-07-01A Cross-Domain Recommender System with Kernel-Induced Knowledge Transfer for Overlapping EntitiesZhang, Q; Lu, J; Wu, D; Zhang, G
2020Bibliometrics in operations research and management science: a university analysisLaengle S; Merigó JM; Modak NM; Yang JB
2020-07-01Characteristics of Dual-Gate Graphene Thermoelectric Devices Based on Voltage RegulationWang N; Ma Z; Ding C; Jia H; Sui G; Gao X
2020-01Cellular Uptake of Gold Nanoparticles and Their Movement in 3D Multicellular Tumor Spheroids: Effect of Molecular Weight and Grafting Density of Poly(2-hydroxyl ethyl acrylate).Lu H; Su J; Mamdooh R; Li Y; Stenzel MH
2020-02-01Blockchain for secure location verificationNosouhi MR; Yu S; Zhou W; Grobler M; Keshtiar H
2020-11Calcium peroxide eliminates grease inhibition and promotes short-chain fatty acids production during anaerobic fermentation of food waste.Xu Q; Du M; Liu X; Wang D; Wu Y; Li Y; Yang J; Fu Q; He D; Feng C; Liu Y; Wang Q; Ni B-J
2020-11-01Behavior of FRP confined UHPFRC-filled steel tube columns under axial compressive loadingCao S; Wu C; Wang W
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