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2020-05-06Optimization of a Small Wind Turbine for a Rural Area: A Case Study of Deniliquin, New South Wales, AustraliaAltaee, A; Khlaifat, N; Zhou, J; Huang, Y; Braytee, A
2019-08-18Multi-scale dynamics of particle dampers using wavelets: Extracting particle activity metrics from ring down experimentsGnanasambandham, C; Stender, M; Hoffmann, N; Eberhard, P
2020-01-01Group layout pattern and outdoor wind environment of enclosed office buildings in HangzhouYing, X; Wang, Y; Li, W; Liu, Z; Ding, G
2020-10-01Reconfigurable acoustic metagrating for high efficiency anomalous reflectionsChiang, YK; Oberst, S; Melnikov, A; Quan, L; Marburg, S; Alù, A; Powell, D
2020-04Fast field-cycling magnetic resonance detection of intracellular ultra-small iron oxide particles in vitro: Proof-of-concept.Abbas, H; Broche, LM; Ezdoglian, A; Li, D; Yuecel, R; James Ross, P; Cheyne, L; Wilson, HM; Lurie, DJ; Dawson, DK
2020-10-05Communication-based approach for promoting energy consumer switching: some evidence from ofgem⇔s database trials in the United KingdomYang, M; Chi, Y; Mamaril, K; Berry, A; Shi, X; Zhu, L
2020-02-01Analysis and Optimization of Radial Force of Permanent-Magnet Synchronous Hub MotorsShi, Z; Sun, X; Lei, G; Yang, Z; Guo, Y; Zhu, J
2020-04-01Resource recovery from waste coffee grounds using ultrasonic-assisted technology for bioenergy productionMofijur, M; Kusumo, F; Rizwanul Fattah, IM; Mahmudul, HM; Rasul, MG; Shamsuddin, AH; Mahlia, TMI
2020-08-04Tunable and broadband asymmetric sound absorptions with coupling of acoustic bright and dark modesLong, H; Liu, C; Shao, C; Cheng, Y; Tao, J; Qiu, X; Liu, X
2020-10-19Simulation of mixing intensity profile for bioethanol production via two-step fermentation in an unbaffled agitator reactorEcharoj, S; Ong, HC; Chen, X
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