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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-05-10Parametric Analysis on the Circular CFST Column and RBS Steel Beam Joints.Li, R; Yu, Y; Samali, B; Li, C
2019-01-22Optimization of dilute acid and enzymatic hydrolysis for dark fermentative hydrogen production from the empty fruit bunch of oil palmGonzales, RR; Kim, JS; Kim, SH
2020-03-16Improved magnetic circuit analysis of a laminated magnetorheological elastomer devices featuring both permanent magnets and electromagnetsLi, S; Watterson, P; Li, Y; Wen, Q; Li, J
2020-07Emerging technologies for profiling extracellular vesicle heterogeneity.Huang, G; Lin, G; Zhu, Y; Duan, W; Jin, D
2020-09-07Preparation of novel high permeability and antifouling polysulfone-vanillin membraneAltaee, A; Yadav, S; Ibrar, I; Déon, S; Zhou, J
2020-08Hollow fiber membranes with hierarchical spherulite surface structure developed by thermally induced phase separation using triple-orifice spinneret for membrane distillationFang, C; Liu, W; Zhang, P; Rajabzadeh, S; Kato, N; Sasaki, Y; Shon, HK; Matsuyama, H
2019-02-15Synthesis of polybenzimidazole (PBI) forward osmosis (FO) membrane and computational fluid dynamics (CFD) modeling of concentration gradient across membrane surfaceAkther, N; Daer, S; Wei, Q; Janajreh, I; Hasan, SW
2015-10-06Technical Evaluation of Ionic Liquid-Extractive Processing of Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel FuelNancarrow, P; Mustafa, N; Shahid, A; Varughese, V; Zaffar, U; Ahmed, R; Akther, N; Ahmed, H; Alzubaidy, I; Hasan, S; Elsayed, Y; Sara, Z
2020-11-04Coding and decoding stray magnetic fields for multiplexing kinetic bioassay platform.Liu, Y; Lin, G; Chen, Y; Mönch, I; Makarov, D; Walsh, BJ; Jin, D
2020-08-17Engineering Heterostructured Thin-Film Nanocomposite Membrane with Functionalized Graphene Oxide Quantum Dots (GOQD) for Highly Efficient Reverse Osmosis.Shen, Q; Lin, Y; Kawabata, Y; Jia, Y; Zhang, P; Akther, N; Guan, K; Yoshioka, T; Shon, H; Matsuyama, H
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