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2020-02-06Water‐use efficiency in a semi‐arid woodland with high rainfall variabilityTarin Terrazas, T; Nolan, RH; Medlyn, BE; Cleverly, J; Eamus, D
2020Trophic niche segregation allows range-extending coral reef fishes to co-exist with temperate species under climate change.Kingsbury, KM; Gillanders, BM; Booth, DJ; Nagelkerken, I
2020-07The role of 44-methylgambierone in ciguatera fish poisoning: Acute toxicity, production by marine microalgae and its potential as a biomarker for Gambierdiscus spp.Murray, JS; Nishimura, T; Finch, SC; Rhodes, LL; Puddick, J; Harwood, DT; Larsson, ME; Doblin, MA; Leung, P; Yan, M; Rise, F; Wilkins, AL; Prinsep, MR
2020-05A trophic cascade initiated by an invasive vertebrate alters the structure of native reptile communities.Feit, B; Dempster, T; Jessop, TS; Webb, JK; Letnic, M
2020-01Dynamic CO2 and pH levels in coastal, estuarine, and inland waters: Theoretical and observed effects on harmful algal blooms.Raven, JA; Gobler, CJ; Hansen, PJ
2020-01The effects of cold shock on freshwater fish larvae and early-stage juveniles: implications for river management.Michie, LE; Thiem, JD; Boys, CA; Mitrovic, SM
2020-10-19The mycological social network: a way forward for conservation of fungal biodiversityIrga, PJ; Dominici, L; Torpy, FR
2020-11-30Heat stress decreases the diversity, abundance and functional potential of coral gas emissions.Lawson, CA; Raina, J-B; Deschaseaux, E; Hrebien, V; Possell, M; Seymour, JR; Suggett, DJ
-Biodiversity revisited through systems thinkingDavila, F; Plant, R; Jacobs, B
2021-01Divergent expression of hypoxia response systems under deoxygenation in reef-forming corals aligns with bleaching susceptibility.Alderdice, R; Suggett, DJ; Cárdenas, A; Hughes, DJ; Kühl, M; Pernice, M; Voolstra, CR
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