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2019-01-01Robust Defense Scheme Against Selective Drop Attack in Wireless Ad Hoc NetworksPoongodi, T; Khan, MS; Patan, R; Gandomi, AH; Balusamy, B
2019-01-01Existence and exponential stability of solutions for quaternion-valued delayed hopfield neural networks by ξ-NormsWang, H; Wen, S
2019-01-01A Trace Lasso Regularized Robust Nonparallel Proximal Support Vector Machine for Noisy ClassificationChen, WJ; Yang, KL; Shao, YH; Chen, YJ; Zhang, J; Yao, JJ
2020-01Measuring Time-Sensitive and Topic-Specific Influence in Social Networks with LSTM and Self-Attention.Zheng, C; Zhang, Q; Long, G; Zhang, C; Young, SD; Wang, W
2020-01-213D Object Classification Using a Volumetric Deep Neural Network: An Efficient Octree Guided Auxiliary Learning ApproachMuzahid, AAM; Wan, W; Sohel, F; Khan, NU; Villagomez, ODC; Ullah, H
2020-01-01A Data Storage and Sharing Scheme for Cyber-Physical-Social SystemsHuang, L; Zhang, G; Yu, S
2020-01-01Broadband High-Efficiency Power Amplifier with Quasi-Elliptic Low-Pass ResponseChen, H; Xu, JX; Kong, ZH; Chen, WH; Zhang, XY
2020-01-01Contour-Maintaining-Based Image Adaption for an Efficient Ambulance Service in Intelligent Transportation SystemsLiu, Q; Kang, B; Yu, K; Qi, X; Li, J; Wang, S; Li, HA
2020-01-01Data poison detection schemes for distributed machine learningChen, Y; Mao, Y; Liang, H; Yu, S; Wei, Y; Leng, S
2020-10-01Complex ResNet Aided DoA Estimation for Near-Field MIMO SystemsCao, Y; Lv, T; Lin, Z; Huang, P; Lin, F
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