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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-03-01Prioritized induced probabilistic operator and its application in group decision makingPérez-Arellano, LA; León-Castro, E; Avilés-Ochoa, E; Merigó, JM
2020-01-01Synthetic CT images for semi-sequential detection and segmentation of lung nodulesHesamian, MH; Jia, W; He, X; Wang, Q; Kennedy, PJ
2020-01-01Beyond Covariance: SICE and Kernel Based Visual Feature RepresentationZhang, J; Wang, L; Zhou, L; Li, W
2020-06-01Efficient meta-heuristic approaches in solving minimal exposure path problem for heterogeneous wireless multimedia sensor networks in internet of thingsBinh, NTM; Binh, HTT; Van Linh, N; Yu, S
2020-12-01Exploiting relay nodes for maximizing wireless underground sensor network lifetimeTam, NT; Dung, DA; Hung, TH; Binh, HTT; Yu, S
2020-02-01Hallucinating Unaligned Face Images by Multiscale Transformative Discriminative NetworksYu, X; Porikli, F; Fernando, B; Hartley, R
2020-10-01Fast multi-resolution segmentation for nonstationary Hawkes process using cumulantsZhou, F; Li, Z; Fan, X; Wang, Y; Sowmya, A; Chen, F
2020-02-01Infrared and visible image fusion via detail preserving adversarial learningMa, J; Liang, P; Yu, W; Chen, C; Guo, X; Wu, J; Jiang, J
2020-08-01Least squares support vector machines with fast leave-one-out AUC optimization on imbalanced prostate cancer dataWang, G; Teoh, JYC; Lu, J; Choi, KS
2020-05-21Multi-task learning by hierarchical Dirichlet mixture model for sparse failure predictionLuo, S; Chu, VW; Li, Z; Wang, Y; Zhou, J; Chen, F; Wong, RK
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