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2019-10A cluster randomised controlled feasibility study of nurse-initiated behavioural strategies to manage interruptions during medication administration.Johnson M; Langdon R; Levett-Jones T; Weidemann G; Manias E; Everett B
2019-06The road to 21 seconds: A case report of a 2016 Olympic swimming sprinterBarbosa AC; Valadão PF; Wilke CF; Martins FDS; Silva DCP; Volkers SA; Lima COV; Ribeiro JRC; Bittencourt NF; Barroso R
2020-07A Clinical Trial Investigating Telehealth and In-Person Social Communication Skills Training for People With Traumatic Brain Injury: Participant-Reported Communication Outcomes.Rietdijk R; Power E; Attard M; Heard R; Togher L
2020A perfect storm: fear of litigation for end of life care.Mitchell GK; Willmott L; White BP; Piper D; Currow DC; Yates PM
2020-03A randomized controlled trial of internet-delivered cognitive behaviour therapy to prevent the development of depressive disorders in older adults with multimorbidity.Read J; Sharpe L; Burton AL; Arean PA; Raue PJ; McDonald S; Titov N; Gandy M; Dear BF
2020-01Assessing quality of life in palliative care settings: head-to-head comparison of four patient-reported outcome measures (EORTC QLQ-C15-PAL, FACT-Pal, FACT-Pal-14, FACT-G7).King MT; Agar M; Currow DC; Hardy J; Fazekas B; McCaffrey N
2020-06Development and preliminarily validation of the Complementary Medicine Disclosure Index.McIntyre E; Foley H; Diezel H; Harnett J; Adams J; Sibritt D; Steel A
2020-07Opportunities and challenges associated with health service research of complementary medicine in France: response to Braillon.Steel A; Palmgren P; Schloss J; Diezel H; Filbet M
2020-06Effects of an educational intervention on heart failure knowledge, self-care behaviors, and health-related quality of life of patients with heart failure: Exploring the role of depression.Hwang B; Pelter MM; Moser DK; Dracup K
2020-09The use of complementary medicine in palliative care in France: an observational cross-sectional study.Filbet M; Schloss J; Maret J-B; Diezel H; Palmgren PJ; Steel A
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