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2020-06-09Exploring the Effectiveness of an Integrated Physical Activity and Psychosocial Program Targeting At-Risk Adolescent Girls: Protocol for the Girls United and on the Move (GUM) Intervention Study.Caperchione CM; Hargreaves N; Sabiston CM; Berg S; Kowalski KC; Ferguson LJ
2020-04-14EXamining ouTcomEs in chroNic Disease in the 45 and Up Study (the EXTEND45 Study): Protocol for an Australian Linked Cohort Study.Foote C; Hockham C; Sukkar L; Campain A; Kang A; Young T; Cass A; Chow CK; Comino E; Gallagher M; Jan S; Knight J; Liu B; McNamara M; Peiris D; Pollock C; Sullivan D; Wong G; Zoungas S; Rogers K; Jun M; Jardine M
2020-03-18The health care utilization and out-of-pocket expenditure associated with asthma amongst a sample of Australian women aged over 45 years: analysis from the '45 and up' study.Adams J; Steel A; Frawley J; Leach M; McIntyre E; Broom A; Sibbritt D
2020-08Retrospective observational cohort study of out-of-hospital cardiac arrest outcomes in Tasmania 2010-2014.Morgan DP; Muscatello D; Travaglia J; Hayen A
2020-06-03Evaluation of the effectiveness of a novel brain-computer interface neuromodulative intervention to relieve neuropathic pain following spinal cord injury: protocol for a single-case experimental design with multiple baselines (Preprint)Hesam-Shariati N; Newton-John T; Singh AK; Tirado Cortes CA; Nguyen Do T-T; Craig A; Middleton JW; Jensen MP; Trost Z; Lin C-T; Gustin SM
2020-01-19Does facility type and location impact upon patient experiences in emergency departments? Secondary analysis of a state-wide, cross-sectional surveyBull C; Crilly J; Chaboyer W; Spain D; Mulhern B; Fitzgerald G; Scuffham P; Byrnes J
2020-08-07Individualized Apartment Accommodation for People With Intellectual Disability: Protocol for a Qualitative Study Examining the Well-Being and Support Outcomes Linking Housing and Health.Carnemolla P
2020-10-08The Analgesic Effect of Electroencephalographic Neurofeedback for People With Chronic Pain: Protocol for a Systematic Review and Meta-analysis.Hesam-Shariati N; Chang W-J; McAuley JH; Booth A; Trost Z; Lin C-T; Newton-John T; Gustin SM
2021-04-30Multifaceted needs of individuals living with peripheral arterial disease: a qualitative studyDiGiacomo M; Prichard R; Allida S; Delbaere K; Omari A; Inglis S
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