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2020-05-01The Chiropractic Research Priorities in Australia (ChiRPA) project: A study protocolAmorin-Woods LG; Woods BL; Moore CS; Leach MJ; Kawchuk GN; Adams J
2020-03-26Traditional and complementary treatments do have a role to play in global health, but probably not in emerging pandemics.Wardle J
2020-12The effects of N-acetyl cysteine on acute viral respiratory infections in humans: A rapid review.Schloss J; Leach M; Brown D; Hannan N; Kendall-Reed P; Steel A
2020-12Multivitamins for acute respiratory tract infections: a rapid review.Cramer H; Hannan N; Schloss J; Leach M; Lloyd I; Steel A
2020-12Effects of essential oils on symptoms and course (duration and severity) of viral respiratory infections in humans: A rapid review.Prall S; Bowles EJ; Bennett K; Cooke CG; Agnew T; Steel A; Hausser T
2020-12The effects of vitamin D on acute viral respiratory infections: A rapid review.Bradley R; Schloss J; Brown D; Celis D; Finnell J; Hedo R; Honcharov V; Pantuso T; Peña H; Lauche R; Steel A
2020-12-01The potential contribution of traditional, complementary and integrative treatments in acute viral respiratory tract infections: Rapid Reviews in response to the COVID-19 pandemicSteel A; Wardle J; Lloyd I
2020-12The effects of <i>Hedera helix</i> on viral respiratory infections in humans: A rapid review.Barnes LA; Leach M; Anheyer D; Brown D; Carè J; Lauche R; Medina DN; Pinder T-A; Bugarcic A; Steel A
2020-12The effect of <i>Echinacea</i> spp. on the prevention or treatment of COVID-19 and other respiratory tract infections in humans: A rapid review.Aucoin M; Cooley K; Saunders PR; Carè J; Anheyer D; Medina DN; Cardozo V; Remy D; Hannan N; Garber A
2020-12The effects of Sambucus nigra berry on acute respiratory viral infections: A rapid review of clinical studies.Harnett J; Oakes K; Carè J; Leach M; Brown D; Cramer H; Pinder T-A; Steel A; Anheyer D
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