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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-06-04[Meditation in Deutschland: Eine national repräsentative Umfrage].Cramer H
2020-01-01A study of the factors impacting on workforce distribution of Australian osteopaths: The perspectives of osteopathic students, academics and cliniciansSteel A; Dingle T; Wardle J; Adams J
2020-04Attitudes to and Uptake of Learning Technologies in Complementary Medicine Education: Results of an International Faculty Survey.Gray AC; Steel A; Adams J
2020-06-01Person-centred care and traditional philosophies in the evolution of osteopathic models and theoretical frameworks: Response to Esteves et al.Steel A; Foley H; Redmond R
2020-10Australian Naturopaths' Approach to Caring for People with Cardiovascular Disease and Associated Risk Factors: A Qualitative Study of the Providers' Perspective.Steel A; Rickwood C; Bradley R; Foley H; Harnett JE
2020-09-01Self-management behaviour and knowledge of patients with musculoskeletal complaints attending an Australian osteopathy clinic: A consecutive sampling designVaughan B; Grant M; Moroz J; Ngawaka C; Mulcahy J
2020-12-01Clinical characteristics of osteopaths treating work-related injuries in Australia: A cross-sectional studyAdams J; Peng W; Steel A; Vaughan B; Fleischmann M; Fitzgerald K; Sibbritt D
2020-12-17Protocol for The International Cohort on Lifestyle Determinants of Health Study: A Longitudinal Investigation of Complementary and Integrative Health Utilization in Postsecondary Education Students.Bradley R; Pickworth CK; Wexler RS; Sadowski A; Buttolph L; Sarrar H; Moehle J; Torrens MT; Harnett J; McIntyre E; Schloss J; Steel A; Adams J
2020-12-01Attitudes, skills, and use of evidence-based practice: A cross-sectional survey of Swedish osteopathsLeach MJ; Shaw R; Austin P; Fryer G; Thomson OP; Adams J; Skillgate E; Sundberg T
2016-02-11Herbal medicine use behaviour in Australian adults who experience anxiety: a descriptive study.McIntyre E; Saliba AJ; Wiener KK; Sarris J
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