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2020-01What has women's reproductive health decision-making capacity and other factors got to do with pregnancy termination in sub-Saharan Africa? evidence from 27 cross-sectional surveys.Seidu A-A; Ahinkorah BO; Ameyaw EK; Hubert A; Agbemavi W; Armah-Ansah EK; Budu E; Sambah F; Tackie V
2020-08The Trach Trail: A Systems-Based Pathway to Improve Quality of Tracheostomy Care and Interdisciplinary Collaboration.Cherney RL; Pandian V; Ninan A; Eastman D; Barnes B; King E; Miller B; Judkins S; Smith AE; Smith NM; Hanley J; Creutz E; Carlson M; Schneider KJ; Shever LL; Casper KA; Davidson PM; Brenner MJ
2015-01Use of an Innovative Personality-Mindset Profiling Tool to Guide Culture-Change Strategies among Different Healthcare Worker Groups.Grayson ML; Macesic N; Huang GK; Bond K; Fletcher J; Gilbert GL; Gordon DL; Hellsten JF; Iredell J; Keighley C; Stuart RL; Xuereb CS; Cruickshank M
2020Cigarette Smoke exposure Alters Phosphodiesterases in Human Structural Lung Cells.Zuo H; Faiz A; van den Berge M; Mudiyanselage SNHR; Borghuis T; Timens W; Nikolaev VO; Burgess JK; Schmidt M
2020-01Elemental imaging shows mercury in cells of the human lateral and medial geniculate nuclei.Pamphlett R; Kum Jew S; Doble PA; Bishop DP
2020-01-31Elemental bioimaging shows mercury and other toxic metals in normal breast tissue and in breast cancers.Pamphlett R; Satgunaseelan L; Kum Jew S; Doble PA; Bishop DP
2020-03Cortical and Subcortical Effects of Transcutaneous Spinal Cord Stimulation in Humans with Tetraplegia.Benavides FD; Jo HJ; Lundell H; Edgerton VR; Gerasimenko Y; Perez MA
2020-07Pain assessment and interventions by nurses in the emergency department: A national survey.Varndell W; Fry M; Elliott D
2018-12-01The efficacy of cognitive behavior therapy for the treatment of perinatal anxiety symptoms: A preliminary meta-analysisMaguire, PN; Clark, GI; Wootton, BM
2004-01Patient expectations of emergency dental services: a qualitative interview studyAnderson, R
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