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2017-08-01Regional-scale effects override the influence of fine-scale landscape heterogeneity on rice arthropod communitiesDominik, C; Seppelt, R; Horgan, FG; Marquez, L; Settele, J; Václavík, T
2016-11-01Compensatory mechanisms of litter decomposition under alternating moisture regimes in tropical rice fieldsSchmidt, A; John, K; Auge, H; Brandl, R; Horgan, FG; Settele, J; Zaitsev, AS; Wolters, V; Schädler, M
2014-01-01Hot moments of N<inf>2</inf>O transformation and emission in tropical soils from the Pantanal and the Amazon (Brazil)Liengaard, L; Figueiredo, V; Markfoged, R; Revsbech, NP; Nielsen, LP; Prast, AE; Kühl, M
2019-01-01Predicting spring wheat yields based on water use-yield production function in a semi-arid climateZhao, F; Wang, R; Zhang, K; Lei, J; Yu, Q
2007-03-01The influence of Phaeocystis globosa on microscale spatial patterns of chlorophyll a and bulk-phase seawater viscositySeuront, L; Lacheze, C; Doubell, MJ; Seymour, JR; Van Dongen-Vogels, V; Newton, K; Alderkamp, AC; Mitchell, JG
2013-12-01Development at the Peri-urban area and its impact on Agricultural activities: An example from the Seberang Perai region, Penang state, MalaysiaEltayeb Elhadary, YA; Samat, N; Obeng-Odoom, F
2007-01-01Mechanism and bio-environmental controls of ecosystem respiration in a cropland in the North China plainsXiaojuan, T; Jun, L; Xinshi, Z; Qiang, Y; Zhong, Q; Zhilin, Z
2018-11-13Equilibrating stable Cd isotopes with acidic soilsMilham, PJ; Wenzel, RG; Holford, P; Haigh, AM; Chaffer, K; Hawkins, CA; Humphris, C; Fabien, J; Conroy, JP
2010-08-01Effect of precipitation change on water balance and WUE of the winter wheat-summer maize rotation in the North China PlainSun, H; Shen, Y; Yu, Q; Flerchinger, GN; Zhang, Y; Liu, C; Zhang, X
2012-01-01Optimisation of a fast DMS sensor (FDS) for real time quantification of dimethyl sulfide production by algaeGreen, BC; Suggett, DJ; Hills, A; Steinke, M
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