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2014-01The effect of paraformaldehyde fixation and sucrose cryoprotection on metal concentration in murine neurological tissueHare, DJ; George, J; Bray, L; Volitakis, I; Vais, A; Ryan, T; Cherny, R; Bush, A; Masters, C; Adlard, P; Doble, PA; Finkelstein, D
2005-08-15Forensic analysis of condom and personal lubricants by capillary electrophoresisBurger, F; Dawson, M; Roux, C; Maynard, P; Doble, P; Kirkbride, P
1996-01-01An amperometric microsensor for the determination off H<inf>2</inf>S in aquatic environmentsJeroschewski, P; Steuckart, C; Kuhl, M
2010-09-16Amperometric detection of Enterobacteriaceae in river water by measuring beta-galactosidase activity at interdigitated microelectrode arraysLaczka, O; Garcia-Aljaro, C; Javier del Campo, F; Munoz Pascual, FX; Mas-Gordi, J; Baldrich, E
2016-02-01High-resolution complementary chemical imaging of bio-elements in Caenorhabditis elegansHare, DJ; Jones, MWM; Wimmer, VC; Jenkins, NL; De Jonge, MD; Bush, AI; McColl, G
2017-03-01Quantitative bioimaging of Ca, Fe, Cu and Zn in breast cancer tissues by LA-ICP-MSGonzález De Vega, R; Fernández-Sánchez, ML; Pisonero, J; Eiró, N; Vizoso, FJ; Sanz-Medel, A
2005-08-15Visible and near-infrared chemical imaging methods for the analysis of selected forensic samplesPayne, G; Wallace, C; Reedy, B; Lennard, C; Schuler, R; Exline, D; Roux, C
2012-11-20Resolving low-expression cell surface antigens by time-gated orthogonal scanning automated microscopyLu, J; Martin, J; Lu, Y; Zhao, J; Yuan, J; Ostrowski, M; Paulsen, I; Piper, JA; Jin, D
2011-10-01A comparison of delayed self-heterodyne interference measurement of laser linewidth using mach-zehnder and Michelson interferometersCanagasabey, A; Michie, A; Canning, J; Holdsworth, J; Fleming, S; Wang, HC; Åslund, ML
2010-01-01Determination of lysozyme using microcantilever sensor based on atomic force microscopyWang, CY; Wang, DY; Wang, GX; Hu, XY
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