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1-Sep-2019An Analytical Loss Model of Litz-Wire Windings for Transformers Excited by Converters With Winding Configurations ConsideredLi, H; Zhang, N; Wang, S; Zhu, J
14-Apr-2010Development of a light-emitting diode tachistoscopeThurgood, C; Patterson, J; Simpson, D; Whitfield, TWA
15-Dec-2003<sup>29</sup>Si and <sup>27</sup>Al NMR study of amorphous and paracrystalline opals from AustraliaBrown, LD; Ray, AS; Thomas, PS
7-Apr-2008Nanoindentation hardness of banded Australian sedimentary opalThomas, PS; Smallwood, AS; Ray, AS; Briscoe, BJ; Parsonage, D
21-Apr-2008Thermal and spontaneous remagnetization in the bulk amorphous ferromagnets Nd<inf>60</inf>Fe<inf>30</inf>Al<inf>10</inf> and Nd<inf>60</inf>Fe <inf>20</inf>Co<inf>10</inf>Al<inf>10</inf>Collocott, SJ; Dunlop, JB; Watterson, PA
1-Jan-2006Structural refinement in high temperature annealing of magnetron sputtered titanium vanadium nitride coatingsYeung, WY; Wuhrer, R; Attard, D; Sung, JH; Lee, CG; You, YZ; Lee, YK; Kim, JY
1-Jan-2006X-ray diffraction analysis on crystallite development of nanostructured aluminiumMeijer, E; Armstrong, N; Yeung, WY; Sung, JH; Lee, CG; You, YZ; Lee, YK; Kim, JY
1-Jan-2014Advances in gas-mediated electron beam-induced etching and related material processing techniquesToth, M
30-Dec-2003Range dependent radiation leakage from thin scattering columns due to multiple small angle scatterKravtsov, YA; Apresyan, LA; Asatryan, AA; Chrzanowski, J; Kirkiewicz, J
1-Nov-2001Interconversion of different crystal forms of Fabs from human IgM cryoglobulinsRamsland, PA; Upshaw, JL; Shultz, BB; DeWitt, CR; Chissoe, WF; Raison, RL; Edmundson, AB
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