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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015-01-01Employment standards for australian Urban firefighters: Part 1: The essential, physically demanding tasksTaylor, NAS; Fullagar, HHK; Mott, BJ; Sampson, JA; Groeller, H
2019-02-01Measurement properties of an adductor strength-assessment system in professional Australian footballersRyan, S; Kempton, T; Pacecca, E; Coutts, AJ
2019-11-17Factors affecting sports involvement in a school-based youth cohort: Implications for long-term athletic developmentLovell, TWJ; Fransen, J; Bocking, CJ; Coutts, AJ
2019-09-01“I want to die in my sleep”-how people think about death, choice, and control: Findings from a Massive Open Online CourseSanderson, C; Miller-Lewis, L; Rawlings, D; Parker, D; Tieman, J
2015-01-01Employment standards for australian Urban firefighters part 3: The transition from criterion task to testGroeller, H; Fullagar, HHK; Sampson, JA; Mott, BJ; Taylor, NAS
2019-03-01A survey of opinion and practice regarding prenatal diagnosis of vasa previa among obstetricians from Australia and New ZealandJavid, N; Hyett, JA; Walker, SP; Sullivan, EA; Homer, CSE
2019-02-01Match-play movement and metabolic power demands of elite youth, sub-elite and elite senior Australian footballersKelly, SJ; Watsford, ML; Rennie, MJ; Spurrs, RW; Austin, D; Pine, MJ
2016-08-01Movement Profiles, Match Events, and Performance in Australian FootballJohnston, RJ; Watsford, ML; Austin, DJ; Pine, MJ; Spurrs, RW
2019-04-01Development of the RIPE model (Reflective Interprofessional Education Model) to enhance interprofessional collaborationLucas, C; Power, T; Hayes, C; Ferguson, C
2019-01-10Assessing the exertion required to induce breathlessness in a population with advanced cancer: Matching measures to the level of physical functionWhite, KM; Agar, MR; Currow, DC
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