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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2002ESEM beam current measuring device based on a planar shotty diodeAubin, A; Drouin, D; Phillips, M; Voelkl E; Piston D; Gauvin R; Lockley AJ; Bailey GW; Mickernan S
2011Fabrication of thin, luminescent, single-crystal diamond membranesMagyar, A; Lee, J; Limarga, A; Aharonovich, I; Rol, F; Clarke, D; Huang, M; Hu, E
2001Photo- and cathodoluminescence investigations of piezoelectric GaN/AlGaN quantum WellsGoldys, E; Godlewski, M; Toropov, A; Phillips, M; Wetzel C, Shur M, Mishra U, Kishino K
2011Thin Films of AuCuAl Shape Memory Alloy for Use in Plasmonic Nano-actuatorsBhatia, V; Thorogood, G; Dowd, A; Cortie, M; See MRS online proceedings library
2013Spontaneous Growth of Gallium-Filled Microcapillaries on Ion-Bombarded GaNBotman, A; Bahm, AS; Randolph, S; Straw, M; Toth, M
2009First-principles study on the enhancement of lithium storage capacity in boron doped grapheneWang, X; Zeng, Z; Ahn, H; Wang, G
2008Evolution of the nanostructure of deposits grown by electron beam induced depositionLi, JT; Toth, M; Tileli, V; Dunn, KA; Lobo, C; Thiel, B
2006Electronic structure of pristine and potassium-doped Y@C-82 metallofullereneTon-That, C; Shard, A; Dhanak, V; Shinohara, H; Bendall, J; Welland, M
2013Effects of Strain on the valence band structure and exciton-polariton energies in ZnOWagner, M; Callsen, G; Reparaz, JS; Kirste, R; Hoffmann, A; Rodina, A; Schleife, A; Bechstedt, F; Phillips, M
2011The addition of iron to Ni3S2 electrode for sodium secondary batteryKim, J; Cho, G; Kim, K; Ahn, J; Wang, G; Ahn, H
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