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2011-03-01Cost-Effectiveness of Health Care Interventions to Address Intimate Partner Violence: What Do We Know and What Else Should We Look for?Gold, L; Norman, R; Devine, A; Feder, G; Taft, AJ; Hegarty, KL
2019-01-15Counting Dead Women in Australia: An In-Depth Case Review of FemicideCullen, P; Vaughan, G; Li, Z; Price, J; Yu, D; Sullivan, E
2017-09-01Management, bullying and the work outcomes of Australian paramilitaryBrunetto, Y; Xerri, M; Shacklock, K; Farr-Wharton, B; Farr-Wharton, R
2004-01Pre-emptive Imprisonment for Dangerousness in Queensland under the dangerous Prisoners (Sexual Offenders) act 2003: The Constitutional IssuesKeyzer, P; Pereira, C; Southwood, S
2019-04-01Witchcraft Accusations as Gendered Persecution in Refugee LawDehm, S; Millbank, J
2012-01-01Australian mental health tribunals-'Space' for rights, protection, treatment and governance?Carney, T
2020-01-01Ethical and legal aspects of research involving older people with cognitive impairment: A survey of dementia researchers in AustraliaRies, NM; Mansfield, E; Sanson-Fisher, R
2010-01Why Do Some Aboriginal Communities Have Lower Crime Rates Than Others? A Pilot StudyMcCausland, R; Vivian, AM
2019-04-01The Mitigating Role of Ecological Health Assets in Adolescent Cyberbullying VictimizationChester, KL; Magnusson, J; Klemera, E; Spencer, NH; Brooks, F
2007-04In memory of Mummery: When is it reasonable for modern employers to foresee psychiatric injury as a result of stress at work? Koehler v CerebosGeraghty, E; Hocking, BA; Muthu, Y
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