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1-Oct-2017Health-related quality of life in congenital heart disease surgery patients in Pakistan: Protocol for a mixed-methods studyLadak, LA; Hasan, BS; Gullick, J; Awais, K; Abdullah, A; Gallagher, R
1-Dec-2002Diagnosis of human fasciolosis in the Gilan province of Northern Iran: Application of cathepsin L-ELISARokni, MB; Massoud, J; O'Neill, SM; Parkinson, M; Dalton, JP
28-Jun-2013Rates and Factors Associated with Major Modifications to First-Line Combination Antiretroviral Therapy: Results from the Asia-Pacific RegionWright, S; Boyd, MA; Yunihastuti, E; Law, M; Sirisanthana, T; Hoy, J; Pujari, S; Lee, MP; Petoumenos, K
17-Dec-2015Treatment and disease outcomes of migrants from low- and middle-income countries in the Australian HIV Observational Database cohortTilley, DM; Griggs, E; Hoy, J; Wright, ST; Woolley, I; Burke, M; O’Connor, CC
6-Oct-2014Improving access to emergency contraception pills through strengthening service delivery and demand generation: A systematic review of current evidence in low and middle-income countriesDawson, A; Tran, NT; Westley, E; Mangiaterra, V; Festin, M
1-Jun-2011International perspective: Outcomes of palliative oncologyCurrow, DC; Wheeler, JL; Abernethy, AP
1-Oct-2017Infant Resuscitation Practices of Midwives in a Developing CountryKhriesat, W; Kassab, M; Hamadneh, S; Mohammad, K; Hamadneh, J; Khader, YS
1-Mar-2016Prevalence of Hypovitaminosis D Among Jordanian Healthy Infants: A Descriptive Cross Sectional StudyKassab, M; Shaban, I; Mohammad, K; Creedy, DK
1-Jan-2013Traditional coping strategies and disaster response: Examples from the south pacific regionFletcher, SM; Thiessen, J; Gero, A; Rumsey, M; Kuruppu, N; Willetts, J
1-Apr-2012Infection control systems in transition: The challenges for post-Soviet Bloc countriesIder, BE; Adams, J; Morton, A; Whitby, M; Clements, A
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