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1-Oct-2018Demand Response Modeling in Microgrid Operation: a Review and Application for Incentive-Based and Time-Based ProgramsImani, MH; Ghadi, MJ; Ghavidel, S; Li, L
1-Nov-2018Optimal placement and control variable setting of power flow controllers in multi-terminal HVDC grids for enhancing static securityHeidary Yazdi, SS; Milimonfared, J; Fathi, SH; Rouzbehi, K
1-May-2019Analytical modeling and inertia estimation of VSG-controlled Type 4 WTGs: Power system frequency response investigationHeidary Yazdi, SS; Milimonfared, J; Fathi, SH; Rouzbehi, K; Rakhshani, E
1-Apr-2019A DC-Reactor-Based Solid-State Fault Current Limiter for HVdc ApplicationsHeidary, A; Radmanesh, H; Rouzbehi, K; Pou, J
1-Nov-2019Experimental and numerical investigation of performance of an ethanol-gasoline dual-injection engineZhuang, Y; Zhu, G; Gong, Z; Wang, C; Huang, Y
1-Mar-2020A comparative study of clustering techniques for electrical load pattern segmentationRajabi, A; Eskandari, M; Ghadi, MJ; Li, L; Zhang, J; Siano, P
1-Mar-2018Conceptualization of energy security in resource-poor economies: The role of the nature of economyYao, L; Shi, X; Andrews-Speed, P
1-Sep-2019Investigation on damage development of AP1000 nuclear power plant in strong ground motions with numerical simulationChen, W; Zhang, Y; Wang, D; Wu, C
15-Feb-2018An impact-based broadband aeroelastic energy harvester for concurrent wind and base vibration energy harvestingZhao, L; Yang, Y
5-Nov-2019A macroscopic particle modelling approach for non-isothermal solid-gas and solid-liquid flows through porous mediaRobone, A; Kuruneru, STW; Islam, MS; Saha, SC
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