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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2002-01-01Decontamination of water by excimer UV radiationLaroussi, M; Dobbs, FC; Wei, Z; Doblin, MA; Ball, LG; Moreira, KR; Dyer, FF; Richardson, JP
2011-05-01Folded bands in metamaterial photonic crystalsChen, PY; Poulton, CG; Asatryan, AA; Steel, MJ; Botten, LC; Martijn De Sterke, C; McPhedran, RC
2013-06-20Nonlinear response via intrinsic rotation in metamaterialsLiu, M; Sun, Y; Powell, DA; Shadrivov, IV; Lapine, M; McPhedran, RC; Kivshar, YS
2004-03-01Scaling invariant distributions of firms' exit in OECD countriesDi Guilmi, C; Gallegati, M; Ormerod, P
2005-10-01Efficient computation of optical forces with the coupled dipole methodChaumet, PC; Rahmani, A; Sentenac, A; Bryant, GW
2010-01Effect of magnetic field on the spin resonance in FeTe0.5 Se0.5 as seen via inelastic neutron scatteringWen, J; Xu, G; Xu, Z; Lin, Z; Li, Q; Chen, Y; Chi, S; Gu, G; Tranquada, JM
2009-11-17Low-temperature optical characterization of a near-infrared single-photon emitter in nanodiamondsSiyushev, P; Jacques, V; Aharonovich, I; Kaiser, F; Müller, T; Lombez, L; Atatüre, M; Castelletto, S; Prawer, S; Jelezko, F; Wrachtrup, J
2008-01Further Reduction of Normal Forms and Unique Normal Forms of Smooth MapsWang, D; Zheng, M; Peng, J
2009-06-29Optical properties of intermetallic compounds from first principles calculations: A search for the ideal plasmonic materialBlaber, MG; Arnold, MD; Ford, MJ
2009-08-13Penrose-Hameroff orchestrated objective-reduction proposal for human consciousness is not biologically feasibleMcKemmish, LK; Reimers, JR; McKenzie, RH; Mark, AE; Hush, NS
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