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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018-10-01One theory-many formalizations: Testing different code implementations of the theory of planned behaviour in energy agent-based modelsMuelder, H; Filatova, T
2015-12-01Interactive cognitive-motor step training improves cognitive risk factors of falling in older adults - A randomized controlled trialSchoene, D; Valenzuela, T; Toson, B; Delbaere, K; Severino, C; Garcia, J; Davies, TA; Russell, F; Smith, ST; Lord, SR
2012-02-02In situ oxygen dynamics in coral-algal interactionsWangpraseurt, D; Weber, M; Røy, H; Polerecky, L; de Beer, D; Suharsono; Nugues, MM
2014-09-29Understanding of factors that enable health promoters in implementing health-promoting schools: A systematic review and narrative synthesis of qualitative evidenceHung, TTM; Chiang, VCL; Dawson, A; Lee, RLT
2010-06-01Classification by ALH-fast algorithmYang, T; Kecman, V; Cao, L
2011-01b2-Agonist Induced cAMP Is Decreased in Asthmatic Airway Smooth Muscle Due to Increased PDE4DTrian, T; Burgess, JK; Niimi, K; Moir, LM; Ge, Q; Berger, P; Liggett, SB; Black, JL; Oliver, BG
2004-01Fundamental Parameters Line Profile Fitting in Laboratory Diffractometers.Cheary, RW; Coelho, AA; Cline, JP
2017-10-01Incidence and severity of self-reported chemotherapy side effects in routine care: A prospective cohort studyPearce, A; Haas, M; Viney, R; Pearson, SA; Haywood, P; Brown, C; Ward, R
2002-01-01Implications of polishing techniques in quantitative x-ray microanalysisRémond, G; Nockolds, C; Phillips, M; Roques-Carmes, C
2011-02-09Mevalonate cascade regulation of airway mesenchymal cell autophagy and apoptosis: A dual role for p53Ghavami, S; Mutawe, MM; Sharma, P; Yeganeh, B; McNeill, KD; Klonisch, T; Unruh, H; Kashani, HH; Schaafsma, D; Los, M; Halayko, AJ
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