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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2003-01-01The power of placeLock, LR; Gibb, HJ
2018-12-01The relationship between infectious diseases and housing maintenance in indigenous Australian householdsAli, SH; Foster, T; Hall, NL
2019-06-01Housing design and community care: How home modifications reduce care needs of older people and people with disabilityCarnemolla, P; Bridge, C
2012-11-01Health outcomes and quality of life of residents of shared-housing arrangements compared to residents of special care units - results of the Berlin DeWeGE-studyWolf-Ostermann, K; Worch, A; Fischer, T; Wulff, I; Gräske, J
2012-09-01Validation of the Environmental Audit Tool in both purpose-built and non-purpose-built dementia care settingsSmith, R; Fleming, R; Chenoweth, L; Jeon, YH; Stein-Parbury, J; Brodaty, H
2018-01-01Green roofs and green walls and their impact on health promotionFeitosa, RC; Wilkinson, S
2017-01-01Development of a hybrid model to predict construction and demolition waste: China as a case studySong, Y; Wang, Y; Liu, F; Zhang, Y
2012-05-01Dementia-Specific Quality of Life Instruments and Their Appropriateness in Shared-Housing Arrangements-A Literature StudyGräske, J; Fischer, T; Kuhlmey, A; Wolf-Ostermann, K
2005-11-01Within-home versus between-home variability of house dust endotoxin in a birth cohortAbraham, JH; Gold, DR; Dockery, DW; Ryan, L; Park, JH; Milton, DK
2003-07-15Fungal levels in the home and lower respiratory tract illnesses in the first year of lifeStark, PC; Burge, HA; Ryan, LM; Milton, DK; Gold, DR
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