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2019-09Early Enteral Nutrition Within 24 Hours of Lower Gastrointestinal Surgery Versus Later Commencement for Length of Hospital Stay and Postoperative Complications.Levett-Jones T
2019Clinical Indications and Compassionate Use of Phage Therapy: Personal Experience and Literature Review with a Focus on Osteoarticular Infections.Patey O; McCallin S; Mazure H; Liddle M; Smithyman A; Dublanchet A
2019-05Attitude of Japanese palliative care specialists towards adjuvant analgesics cancer-related neuropathic pain refractory to opioid therapy: a nationwide cross-sectional survey.Matsuoka H; Tagami K; Ariyoshi K; Oyamada S; Kizawa Y; Inoue A; Koyama A
2019-04Monitoring quality of care for patients with pancreatic cancer: a modified Delphi consensus.Maharaj AD; Ioannou L; Croagh D; Zalcberg J; Neale RE; Goldstein D; Merrett N; Kench JG; White K; Pilgrim CHC; Chantrill L; Cosman P; Kneebone A; Lipton L; Nikfarjam M; Philip J; Sandroussi C; Tagkalidis P; Chye R; Haghighi KS; Samra J; Evans SM
2019-06Barriers to pharmacists adopting professional responsibilities that support the appropriate and safe use of dietary supplements in the United States: Perspectives of key stakeholders.Ung COL; Harnett JE; Hu H; Desselle SP
2019-06-03Diseases, Injuries, and Risk Factors in Child and Adolescent Health, 1990 to 2017: Findings From the Global Burden of Diseases, Injuries, and Risk Factors 2017 Study.GBD 2017 Child and Adolescent Health Collaborators; Reiner RC; Olsen HE; Ikeda CT; Echko MM; Ballestreros KE; Manguerra H; Martopullo I; Millear A; Shields C; Smith A; Kokubo Y; Koyanagi A; Defo BK; Lal DK; Kumsa FA; Larson HJ; Leung J; Mamun AA; Mehata S; Melku M; Nong VM; Mendoza W; Mezgebe HB; Miller TR; Moges NA; Mohammed S; Mokdad AH; Monasta L; Neupane S; Nguyen HLT; Ningrum DNA; Ogbo FA; Nirayo YL; Olagunju AT; Olusanya BO; Olusanya JO; Patton GC; Pereira DM; Pourmalek F; Qorbani M; Rafay A; Sliwa K; Rai RK; Ram U; Ranabhat CL; Renzaho AMN; Rezai MS; Ronfani L; Roth GA; Safiri S; Sartorius B; Scott JG; Sreeramareddy C; Shackelford KA; Sufiyan MB; Terkawi AS; Topor-Madry R; Tran BX; Ukwaja KN; Uthman OA; Vollset SE; Weldegwergs KG; Strub B; Werdecker A; Whiteford HA; Wijeratne T; Yonemoto N; Yotebieng M; Zuhlke LJ; Kyu HH; Naghavi M; Vos T; Murray CJL; Abebe M; Kassebaum NJ; Abebe Z; Adhena BM; Adhikari TB; Akibu M; Al-Raddadi RM; Alvis-Guzman N; Antonio CAT; Aremu O; Asgedom SW; Asseffa NA; Avila-Burgos L; Barac A; Bärnighausen TW; Bassat Q; Bensenor IM; Bhutta ZA; Bijani A; Bililign N; Cahuana-Hurtado L; Malta DC; Chang J-C; Charlson FJ; Dharmaratne SD; Doku DT; Edessa D; El-Khatib Z; Erskine HE; Ferrari AJ; Fullman N; Gupta R; Hassen HY; Hay SI; Ilesanmi OS; Jacobsen KH; Kahsay A; Kasaeian A; Kassa TD; Kebede S; Khader YS; Khan EA; Khan MN; Khang Y-H; Khubchandani J; Kinfu Y; Kochhar S
2019-04-01Yoga and acupuncture versus "sham" treatments for menopausal hot flashes: How do they compare?McGuire, A; Anderson, D
2019-01Design, Synthesis and Molecular Docking Studies of Novel Thiadiazole Analogues with Potential Antimicrobial and Antiinflammatory Activities.Mehta DK; Taya P; Das R; Dua K
2019-07Comparison of Different Strategies to Measure Medication Adherence via Claims Data in Patients With Chronic Heart Failure.Ihle P; Krueger K; Schubert I; Griese-Mammen N; Parrau N; Laufs U; Schulz M
2019-09[The PRIMA Project - Electronically-Supported Physician-Pharmacist Cooperation to Generate and Update Medication Plans in Germany].Eickhoff C; Müller U; Strunz AK; Seidling HM; Lampert A; Felberg M; Breiholz S; Klintworth D; Schulz M
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