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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-01Arid Climate Adipocere-The Importance of Microenvironment.Byard RW; Simpson E; Forbes SL
2020-05The role of nurses and midwives in the provision of abortion care: A scoping review.Mainey L; O'Mullan C; Reid-Searl K; Taylor A; Baird K
2018-10-01Towards practical indoor air phytoremediation: A reviewPettit, T; Irga, PJ; Torpy, FR
2018-10-26Classification of Cardiovascular Disease via A New SoftMax ModelHao, L; Ling, SH; Jiang, F
2020-04Sputum microbiome profiling in COPD: beyond singular pathogen detection.Ditz B; Christenson S; Rossen J; Brightling C; Kerstjens HAM; van den Berge M; Faiz A
2015-01Use of an Innovative Personality-Mindset Profiling Tool to Guide Culture-Change Strategies among Different Healthcare Worker Groups.Grayson ML; Macesic N; Huang GK; Bond K; Fletcher J; Gilbert GL; Gordon DL; Hellsten JF; Iredell J; Keighley C; Stuart RL; Xuereb CS; Cruickshank M
2018-10-26Isometric Finger Pose Recognition with Sparse Channel SpatioTemporal EMG ImagingStephenson, RM; Chai, R; Eager, D
2019-11-01Are Gypsy Roma Traveller communities indigenous and would identification as such better address their public health needs?Heaslip, V; Wilson, D; Jackson, D
2020-02-01Investigating Risk Factors and Predicting Complications in Deep Brain Stimulation Surgery with Machine Learning AlgorithmsFarrokhi, F; Buchlak, QD; Sikora, M; Esmaili, N; Marsans, M; McLeod, P; Mark, J; Cox, E; Bennett, C; Carlson, J
2020-05Call for transparency of COVID-19 models.Barton CM; Alberti M; Ames D; Atkinson J-A; Bales J; Burke E; Chen M; Diallo SY; Earn DJD; Fath B; Feng Z; Gibbons C; Hammond R; Heffernan J; Houser H; Hovmand PS; Kopainsky B; Mabry PL; Mair C; Meier P; Niles R; Nosek B; Osgood N; Pierce S; Polhill JG; Prosser L; Robinson E; Rosenzweig C; Sankaran S; Stange K; Tucker G
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