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1-Apr-2018Development of a quantitative method for the analysis of cocaine analogue impregnated into textiles by Raman spectroscopyXiao, L; Alder, R; Mehta, M; Krayem, N; Cavasinni, B; Laracy, S; Cameron, S; Fu, S
1-Mar-2018Structural Elucidation of Metabolites of Synthetic Cannabinoid UR-144 by Cunninghamella elegans Using Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) SpectroscopyWatanabe, S; Kuzhiumparambil, U; Fu, S
1-Jan-2018Color Tests for the Preliminary Identification of New Psychoactive SubstancesToole, K; Philp, M; Krayem, N; Fu, S; Shimmon, R; Taflaga, S
5-Feb-2018Color spot test as a presumptive tool for the rapid detection of synthetic cathinonesPhilp, M; Shimmon, R; Tahtouh, M; Fu, S
1-Mar-2019The Probabilistic Genotyping Software STRmix: Utility and Evidence for its ValidityBuckleton, JS; Bright, JA; Gittelson, S; Moretti, TR; Onorato, AJ; Bieber, FR; Budowle, B; Taylor, DA
1-Dec-2018Cancer pain management needs and perspectives of patients from Chinese backgrounds: A systematic review of the Chinese and English literatureXu, X; Luckett, T; Wang, AY; Lovell, M; Phillips, JL
1-Nov-2017The paradigm shift in DNA profile interpretationBright, JA; Taylor, D; Gittelson, S; Buckleton, J
1-May-2017The factor of 10 in forensic DNA match probabilitiesGittelson, S; Moretti, TR; Onorato, AJ; Budowle, B; Weir, BS; Buckleton, J
1-May-2018Forensic DNA phenotyping: Developing a model privacy impact assessmentScudder, N; McNevin, D; Kelty, SF; Walsh, SJ; Robertson, J
1-Mar-2018Massively parallel sequencing and the emergence of forensic genomics: Defining the policy and legal issues for law enforcementScudder, N; McNevin, D; Kelty, SF; Walsh, SJ; Robertson, J
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