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1-Sep-2003Forensic applications of chemical imaging: Latent fingerprint detection using visible absorption and luminescenceExline, DL; Wallace, C; Roux, C; Lennard, C; Nelson, MP; Treado, PJ
1-Jan-2005The detection and enhancement of latent fingermarks using infrared chemical imagingTahtouh, M; Kalman, JR; Roux, C; Lennard, C; Reedy, BJ
15-Feb-2001Glass particles in footwear of members of the public in south-eastern Australia - A surveyRoux, C; Kirk, R; Benson, S; Van Haren, T; Petterd, CI
1-Nov-2019Performance of ancestry-informative SNP and microhaplotype markersCheung, EYY; Phillips, C; Eduardoff, M; Lareu, MV; McNevin, D
27-Dec-2001The influence of polymer type, print donor and age on the quality of fingerprints developed on plastic substrates using vacuum metal depositionJones, N; Mansour, D; Stoilovic, M; Lennard, C; Roux, C
3-May-2007Optimisation and evaluation of 1,2-indanedione for use as a fingermark reagent and its application to real samplesWallace-Kunkel, C; Lennard, C; Stoilovic, M; Roux, C
1-Sep-2007Bioterrorism: Processing contaminated evidence, the effects of formaldehyde gas on the recovery of latent fingermarksHoile, R; Walsh, SJ; Roux, C
15-Jul-2011Methods for the enhancement of fingermarks in bloodBossers, LCAM; Roux, C; Bell, M; McDonagh, AM
25-Feb-2010Intelligence-led crime scene processing. Part I: Forensic intelligenceRibaux, O; Baylon, A; Roux, C; Delémont, O; Lock, E; Zingg, C; Margot, P
1-Jan-2009Trace evidence characteristics of DNA: A preliminary investigation of the persistence of DNA at crime scenesRaymond, JJ; van Oorschot, RAH; Gunn, PR; Walsh, SJ; Roux, C
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