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2011-10-01A comparison of delayed self-heterodyne interference measurement of laser linewidth using mach-zehnder and Michelson interferometersCanagasabey, A; Michie, A; Canning, J; Holdsworth, J; Fleming, S; Wang, HC; Åslund, ML
2016-03-28Rational design of a comprehensive cancer therapy platform using temperature-sensitive polymer grafted hollow gold nanospheres: Simultaneous chemo/photothermal/photodynamic therapy triggered by a 650 nm laser with enhanced anti-tumor efficacyDeng, X; Chen, Y; Cheng, Z; Deng, K; Ma, P; Hou, Z; Liu, B; Huang, S; Jin, D; Lin, J
2017-01-01A luminescent lanthanide approach towards direct visualization of primary cilia in living cellsLi, H; Lan, R; Chan, CF; Bao, G; Xie, C; Chu, PH; Tai, WCS; Zha, S; Zhang, JX; Wong, KL
2008-10-21Structure of self-organized multilayer nanoparticles for drug deliveryGerelli, Y; Barbieri, S; Di Bari, MT; Deriu, A; Cantù, L; Brocca, P; Sonvico, F; Colombo, P; May, R; Motta, S
2009-03-30Room temperature low-threshold InAs/InP quantum dot single mode photonic crystal microlasers at 1.5 μm using cavity-confined slow lightBordas, F; Seassal, C; Dupuy, E; Regreny, P; Gendry, M; Viktorovich, P; Steel, MJ; Rahmani, A
2001-12-06The analysis of forensic samples using laser micro-pyrolysis gas chromatography mass spectrometryArmitage, S; Saywell, S; Roux, C; Lennard, C; Greenwood, P
2016-08-01Wide-field time-gated photoluminescence microscopy for fast ultrahigh-sensitivity imaging of photoluminescent probesRazali, WAW; Sreenivasan, VKA; Bradac, C; Connor, M; Goldys, EM; Zvyagin, AV
2011-11-21Nanobeam photonic bandedge lasersKim, S; Ahn, BH; Kim, JY; Jeong, KY; Kim, KS; Lee, YH
2008-04-28Microlasers based on effective index confined slow light modes in photonic crystal waveguidesGardin, S; Bordas, F; Letartre, X; Seassal, C; Rahmani, A; Bozio, R; Viktorovitch, P
2015-07-07Comparative Study of Metal Quantification in Neurological Tissue Using Laser Ablation-Inductively Coupled Plasma-Mass Spectrometry Imaging and X-ray Fluorescence MicroscopyDavies, KM; Hare, DJ; Bohic, S; James, SA; Billings, JL; Finkelstein, DI; Doble, PA; Double, KL
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