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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2012Pretreatment strategies for the improved cyanoacrylate development of dry latent fingerprints on nonporous surfacesMontgomery, LN; Spindler, X; Maynard, PJ; Lennard, CJ; Roux, CP
Jan-2001Evaluation of Principal Components Analysis with High-Performance Liquid Chromatographhy and Photodiode Array Detection for the Forensic Differentiation of Ballpoint Pen InksKher, A; Green, EV; Mulholland, M
24-Jun-2003Chemical fingerprinting of unevaporated automotive gasoline samples.Sandercock, PML; Du Pasquier, E
1-Jun-2017Critical issues in the historical and contemporary development of forensic anthropology in Australia: An international comparisonMallett, X; Evison, MP
1-Jan-2004The analysis of; tires and tire traces using ftir and py-gc/msSarkissian, G; Keegan, J; Du Pasquier, E; Depriester, JP; Rousselot, P
Jan-2001A Methodology Based on NMR Spectroscopy for the Forensic Analysis of CondomsLee, GS; Brinch, KM; Kannangara, GK; Dawson, M; Wilson, MA
16-Jul-2004Searching for new markers of endogenous steroid administration in athletes: "looking outside the metabolic box".Cawley, AT; Hine, ER; Trout, GJ; George, AV; Kazlauskas, R
Oct-2002The collation of forensic DNA case data into a multi-dimensional intelligence database.Walsh, SJ; Moss, DS; Kliem, C; Vintiner, GM
1-Dec-2005Legal perceptions of forensic DNA profiling part I: a review of the legal literature.Walsh, SJ
5-Mar-2008Population data from the New South Wales Aboriginal Australian sub-population for the profiler plus autosomal short tandem repeat (STR) loci.Goetz, R; West, J; Walsh, SJ; Buckleton, JS
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