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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009Room-temperature solution synthesis of Bi2O3 nanowires for gas sensing applicationGou, X; Li, R; Wang, G; Chen, Z; Wexler, D
2010Synthesis and properties of Ti-O based nanowiresAhn, J; Wang, G; Kim, Y; Lee, H; Shin, H
2010Magnetic flux penetration in polycrystalline SmFeO0.75F0.2AsLin, ZW; Li, Y; Zhu, J; Guo, Y; Wang, X
2012Oxygen-Vacancy Effect On Structural, Magnetic, And Ferroelectric Properties In Multiferroic YMnO3 Single CrystalsChen, D; Du, Y; Wang, X; Cheng, Z; Dou, S; Lin, ZW; Zhu, J; Xu, B
2007Visualization of magnetization processes of soft magnetic composites by the magneto-optical imaging techniqueLin, ZW; Zhu, J; Zhong, JJ; Johansen, T; Wang, X; Yu, W
2013Fabrication of nanoelectrode ensembles formed via PAN-co-PAA self-assembly and selective voltammetric detection of uric acid in biologic samplesHu, X; Liu, L; Xue, H; Wang, G; Wang, C
2013Manganese-based layered coordination polymer: Synthesis, structural characterization, magnetic property, and electrochemical performance in lithium-ion batteriesHorvat, J; Liu, Q; Yu, L; Ji, Y; Cheng, M; Jia, X; Wang, G; Wang, Y
2013Synthesis of Fe2O3-CNT-graphene hybrid materials with an open three-dimensional nanostructure for high capacity lithium storageBao, P; Wang, G; Chen, S
2008Strong photon-mixing of terahertz waves in semiconductor quantum wells induced by Rashba spin-orbit couplingGao, F; Wang, G; Zhang, C
2013Two-dimensional magnetic property measurement for magneto-rheological elastomerZeng, J; Guo, Y; Li, Y; Zhu, J; Li, J
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