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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2008Micrometerological measurements of nitrous oxide exchange in a croplandLi, J; Tong, X; Yu, Q; Dong, Y; Peng, C
Mar-2008Calibration and field application of a solvent-based cellulose membrane passive sampling device for the monitoring of polar herbicides.Hyne, RV; Aistrope, M
8-Jun-2016Current estimates of biogenic emissions from Eucalypts uncertain for Southeast AustraliaEmmerson, KM; Galbally, IE; Guenther, AB; Paton-Walsh, C; Guerette, E-A; Cope, ME; Keywood, MD; Lawson, SJ; Molloy, SB; Dunne, E; Thatcher, M; Karl, T; Maleknia, SD
Jan-2013Contributions of individual variation in temperature, solar radiation and precipitation to crop yield in the North China Plain, 1961-2003Chen, C; Baethgen, WE; Robertson, A
16-Sep-2004Stable water isotope characterization of human and natural impacts on land-atmosphere exchanges in the Amazon BasinMcGuffie, K; Henderson-Sellers, A
1-Sep-2004Intercomparison of atmospheric soundings from the Aerosonde and radiosondeSoddell, JR; McGuffie, K; Holland, GJ
1-Jan-2001Boundary layer development over a tropical island during the maritime continent thunderstorm experimentSchafer, R; May, PT; Keenan, TD; McGuffie, K; Ecklund, WL; Johnston, PE; Gage, KS
Jan-2006Pesticide removal from cotton farm tailwater by a pilot-scale ponded wetlandRose, MT; Sanchez-Bayo, FP; Crossan, AN; Kennedy, IR
Jan-2011Remotely sensed forest cover loss shows high spatial and temporal variation across Sumatera and Kalimantan, Indonesia 2000-2008Broich, M; Hansen, M; Stolle, F; Potapov, P; Margono, BA; Adusei, B
1-Sep-2002Stable isotopes as validation tools for global climate model predictions of the impact of Amazonian deforestationHenderson-Sellers, A; McGuffie, K; Zhang, H
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