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2006-04-11High-speed fluorescence imaging and intensity profiling of femtosecond-induced calcium transientsDay, D; Cranfield, CG; Gu, M
2006-12-01Mechanical strains induced in osteoblasts by use of point femtosecond laser targetingCranfield, C; Bomzon, Z; Day, D; Gu, M; Cartmell, S
2002-04-06Image registration: An essential tool for nuclear medicineHutton, BF; Braun, M; Thurfjell, L; Lau, DY
2001-01Choice of collimator for cardiac SPET when resolution compensation is included in iterative reconstruction.Lau, YH; Hutton, BF; Beekman, FJ
2014-01-01Malignant Glioma: MR imaging by using 5-aminolevulinic acid in an animal modelCho, HR; Kim, DH; Kim, D; Doble, P; Bishop, D; Hare, D; Park, CK; Moon, WK; Han, MH; Choi, SH
2004-12-01Comparison of face-to-face and videoconferenced multidisciplinary clinical meetingsDelaney, G; Jacob, S; Iedema, R; Winters, M; Barton, M
2012-12-10Peripapillary atrophy detection by sparse biologically inspired feature manifoldCheng, J; Tao, D; Liu, J; Wong, DWK; Tan, NM; Wong, TY; Saw, SM
2009-12-08Improved observer dependent perception of weak edges when scanning an image in real time indicated by introducing 1/f noise into the primary visual cortex V1. Theory and experimental supportThornton-Benko, E; Nguyen, HT; Hung, WT; Thornton, BS
2013-10-30Computer Aided Diagnostic Support System for Skin cancer: Review of techniques and algorithmsMasood, A; Al-Jumaily, A
2006-09-01Description of the cardiac movement using hexagonal image structuresHe, X; Jia, W; Wu, Q; Hintz, T
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