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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005-10-03Experiences of occupational violence in Australian urban general practice: A cross-sectional study of GPsMagin, PJ; Adams, J; Sibbritt, DW; Joy, E; Ireland, MC
1999-01-01Cotton dust and endotoxin exposure and long-term decline in lung function: Results of a longitudinal studyChristiani, DC; Ye, TT; Zhang, S; Wegman, DH; Eisen, EA; Ryan, LA; Olenchock, SA; Pothier, L; Dai, HL
2000-01-01A scaled linear mixed model for multiple outcomesLin, X; Ryan, L; Sammel, M; Zhang, D; Padungtod, C; Xu, X
2000-10-02Exposure to benzene, occupational stress, and reduced birth weightChen, D; Cho, SI; Chen, C; Wang, X; Damokosh I, A; Ryan, L; Smith, TJ; Christiani, DC; Xu, X
2010-11-01General practice as a fortress: Occupational violence and general practice receptionistsMagin, P; Joyce, T; Adams, J; Goode, S; Cotter, G
2008-04-01Effects of occupational violence on Australian general practitioners' provision of home visits and after-hours care: A cross-sectional studyMagin, PJ; Adams, J; Sibbritt, DW; Joy, E; Ireland, MC
2010-04-15Elemental bio-imaging of thorium, uranium, and plutonium in tissues from occupationally exposed former nuclear workersHare, D; Tolmachev, S; James, A; Bishop, D; Austin, C; Fryer, F; Doble, P
2019-03-01Genetic effects of welding fumes on the progression of neurodegenerative diseasesRana, HK; Akhtar, MR; Ahmed, MB; Liò, P; Quinn, JMW; Huq, F; Moni, MA
2003-09-15Predictors of whole-body vibration levels among urban taxi driversChen, JC; Chang, WR; Shih, TS; Chen, CJ; Chang, WP; Dennerlein, JT; Ryan, LM; Christian, DC
2006-07-01Modeling particle exposure in U.S. trucking terminalsDavis, ME; Smith, TJ; Laden, F; Hart, JE; Ryan, LM; Garshick, E
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