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25-Apr-2011On-chip stimulated Brillouin scatteringPant, R; Poulton, CG; Choi, DY; Mcfarlane, H; Hile, S; Li, E; Thevenaz, L; Luther-Davies, B; Madden, SJ; Eggleton, BJ
10-Mar-2011The photonic Wannier function approach to photonic crystal simulations: Status and perspectivesBusch, K; Blum, C; Graham, AM; Hermann, D; Köhl, M; Mack, P; Wolff, C
15-Feb-2012Cluster coherent potential approximation for disordered photonic crystals using photonic Wannier functionsKöhl, M; Wolff, C; Busch, K
1-Apr-2010Fabrication and characterization of silicon woodpile photonic crystals with a complete bandgap at telecom wavelengthsStaude, I; Thiel, M; Essig, S; Wolff, C; Busch, K; Von Freymann, G; Wegener, M
1-Apr-2017Large field enhancement obtained by combining Fabry-Perot resonance and Rayleigh anomaly in photonic crystal slabsDossou, KB
9-Jun-2008UV-induced modification of stress distribution in optical fibers and its contribution to Bragg grating birefringenceBelhadj, N; Park, Y; Larochelle, S; Dossou, K; Azaña, J
20-May-2016Doppler shift generated by a moving diffraction grating under incidence by polychromatic diffuse lightDossou, KB
15-Jan-2011Photonic-crystal time-domain simulations using Wannier functionsBlum, C; Wolff, C; Busch, K
1-Jan-2014Disordered photonic crystals: A cluster coherent potential approach using photonic Wannier functionsKöhl, M; Wolff, C; Busch, K
1-Jan-2005Analysis of diffraction gratings by using an edge element methodDossou, K; Packirisamy, M; Fontaine, M
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