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1-May-2017Synthesis and characterization of Copper Oxide nanoparticles by solution evaporation methodMunir, T; Munir, HS; Kashif, M; Fakhar-E-Alam, M; Shahzad, A; Amin, N; Sajid, A; Umair, M
1-Aug-2002Numerical analysis of the contribution of the transverse asymmetry in the photo-induced index change profile to the birefringence of optical fiberDossou, K; LaRochelle, S; Fontaine, M
1-Mar-2005Optimization of nonlinear dispersive APML ABC for the FDTD analysis of optical solitonsFujii, M; Omaki, N; Tahara, M; Sakagami, I; Poulton, C; Freude, W; Russer, P
1-Dec-2006FDTD-modelling of dispersive nonlinear ring resonators: Accuracy studies and experimentsKoos, C; Fujii, M; Poulton, CG; Steingrueber, R; Leuthold, J; Freude, W
15-Jan-2006Nonlinear FDTD analysis and experimental verification of four-wave mixing in InGaAsP - InP racetrack microresonatorsFujii, M; Koos, C; Poulton, C; Leuthold, J; Freude, W
1-Oct-2005Low switching threshold using nonlinearities in stopband-tapered waveguide Bragg gratingsMaitra, A; Poulton, CG; Wang, J; Leuthold, J; Freude, W
1-Dec-2017Reprint of: Taking laser Doppler vibrometry off the tripod: Correction of measurements affected by instrument vibration-
1-Jan-2016Tunable generation of entangled photons in a nonlinear directional couplerSetzpfandt, F; Solntsev, AS; Titchener, J; Wu, CW; Xiong, C; Schiek, R; Pertsch, T; Neshev, DN; Sukhorukov, AA
1-Aug-2016Wide-field time-gated photoluminescence microscopy for fast ultrahigh-sensitivity imaging of photoluminescent probesRazali, WAW; Sreenivasan, VKA; Bradac, C; Connor, M; Goldys, EM; Zvyagin, AV
1-May-2015Observation of Midinfrared 4-μm Emission in Ho<sup>3+</sup>-Doped Fluoroaluminate GlassesZhou, B; Wei, T; Cai, M; Tian, Y; Zhou, J; Deng, D; Xu, S; Zhang, J
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