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15-Jun-2016Bright spots among the world’s coral reefsBooth, DJ
29-Nov-2002Carbon exchange in hot alkaline degradation of glucoseEllis, AV; Wilson, MA
1-Mar-2012Photoinduced orientational dynamics of azophenylcarbazole molecules in polycarbonateNavickait, G; Seniutinas, G; Tomašinas, R; Petruškevičius, R; Getautis, V; Daškevičien, M
1-Oct-2012Arylmethylene-1,3-indandione based molecular glasses: Third order optical non-linearitySeniutinas, G; Tomašiunas, R; Czaplicki, R; Sahraoui, B; Daškevičiene, M; Getautis, V; Balevičius, Z
1-Jan-2018Sunlight-charged heterojunction TiO<inf>2</inf> and WO<inf>3</inf> particle-embedded inorganic membranes for night-time environmental applicationsHan, DS; Elshorafa, R; Yoon, SH; Kim, S; Park, H; Abdel-Wahab, A
1-Jan-2016On the outside looking in: Redefining the role of analytical chemistry in the biosciencesHare, DJ; New, EJ
25-Jun-2012Anti-malaria drug development targeting the M1 alanyl and M17 leucyl aminopeptidasesThivierge, K; Mathew, RT; Nsangou, DMM; Da Silva, F; Cotton, S; Skinner-Adams, TS; Trenholme, KR; Brown, CL; Stack, CM; Gardiner, DL; Dalton, JP
1-Jan-2017Synthesis and biological evaluation of novel acyclic and cyclic glyoxamide based derivatives as bacterial quorum sensing and biofilm inhibitorsNizalapur, S; Kimyon, O; Yee, E; Bhadbhade, MM; Manefield, M; Willcox, M; Black, DS; Kumar, N
21-Dec-2015Scalable Synthesis of Efficient Water Oxidation Catalysts: Insights into the Activity of Flame-Made Manganese Oxide NanocrystalsLiu, G; Hall, J; Nasiri, N; Gengenbach, T; Spiccia, L; Cheah, MH; Tricoli, A
1-Jan-2018Light-sheet microscopy as a tool to understanding the behaviour of Polyion complex micelles for drug deliveryChen, F; Li, K; Hart-Smith, G; Xu, YD; Jiang, Y; Lu, H; Fok, S; Macmillian, A; Pandzic, E; Stenzel, M
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