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2019-06-15The role of wearable devices and objective gait analysis for the assessment and monitoring of patients with lumbar spinal stenosis: Systematic reviewChakravorty, A; Mobbs, RJ; Anderson, DB; Rooke, K; Phan, K; Yoong, N; Maharaj, M; Choy, WJ
2003-06The effects of improved strength on obstacle negotiation in community-living older adults.Lamoureux, E; Sparrow, WA; Murphy, A; Newton, RU
2010-12-01What happens to femoral neck bone mineral density after hip resurfacing surgery?Cordingley, R; Kohan, L; Ben-Nissan, B
2011-12-01Assessment of osteopaths: Developing a capability-based approach to reviewing readiness to practiceStone, C; Boud, D; Hager, P
2018-05-01Simulation-based multidisciplinary team training decreases time to critical operations for trauma patientsMurphy, M; Curtis, K; Lam, MK; Palmer, CS; Hsu, J; McCloughen, A
2011-07-07EXACT: Exercise or Advice after ankle fracture. Design of a randomised controlled trialBeckenkamp, PR; Lin, CC; Herbert, RD; Haas, M; Khera, K; Moseley, AM
2017-12-01The Prevalence, Patterns, and Predictors of Chiropractic Use among US AdultsAdams, J; Peng, W; Cramer, H; Sundberg, T; Moore, C; Amorin-Woods, L; Sibbritt, D; Lauche, R
2003-01-01Current status of zirconia used in total hip implantsClarke, IC; Manaka, M; Green, DD; Williams, P; Pezzotti, G; Kim, YH; Ries, M; Sugano, N; Sedel, L; Delauney, C; Nissan, BB; Donaldson, T; Gustafson, GA
2006-06-01A Profile of Middle-Aged Women Who Consult a Chiropractor or Osteopath: Findings From a Survey of 11,143 Australian WomenSibbritt, D; Adams, J; Young, AF
2017-06-01The role of osteopathy in clinical care: Broadening the evidence-baseSteel, A; Blaich, R; Sundberg, T; Adams, J
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