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1-Jan-2017Salicylic acid (SA)-eluting bone regeneration scaffolds with interconnected porosity and local and sustained SA releaseYu, W; Bajorek, J; Jayade, S; Miele, A; Mirza, J; Rogado, S; Sundararajan, A; Faig, J; Ferrage, L; Uhrich, KE
1-Jan-2014Towards the bioequivalence of pressurised metered dose inhalers 1: Design and characterisation of aerodynamically equivalent beclomethasone dipropionate inhalers with and without glycerol as a non-volatile excipientLewis, DA; Young, PM; Buttini, F; Church, T; Colombo, P; Forbes, B; Haghi, M; Johnson, R; O'Shea, H; Salama, R; Traini, D
15-Apr-2011Four novel alkyl 2-cyanoacylate monomers and their use in latent fingermark detection by mid-infrared spectral imagingTahtouh, M; Scott, SA; Kalman, JR; Reedy, BJ
1-Sep-2007The application of infrared chemical imaging to the detection and enhancement of latent fingerprints: Method optimization and further findingsTahtouh, M; Despland, P; Shimmon, R; Kalman, JR; Reedy, BJ
1-Jan-2009Revisiting the thermal development of latent fingerprints on porous surfaces: New aspects and refinementsBrown, AG; Sommerville, D; Reedy, BJ; Shimmon, RG; Tahtouh, M
7-Mar-2011Cryogenic plasmas for controlled processing of nanoporous materialsIacopi, F; Choi, JH; Terashima, K; Rice, PM; Dubois, G
27-Feb-2012Porous YAG:Nd <sup>3+</sup> fibers with excitation and emission in the human "nIR optical window" as luminescent drug carriersMa, Z; Ji, H; Tan, D; Dong, G; Teng, Y; Zhou, J; Qiu, J
1-Dec-2007Analytic mode matching for a circular dissipative silencer containing mean flow and a perforated pipeKirby, R; Denia, FD
10-Jun-2012Detection of fingermarks by colloidal gold (MMD/SMD) - beyond the pH 3 limitBecue, A; Scoundrianos, A; Moret, S
1-Oct-2012Effect of imposed flux on fouling behavior in high rate membrane bioreactorJohir, MAH; George, J; Vigneswaran, S; Kandasamy, J; Sathasivan, A; Grasmick, A
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