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4-Jul-2013A hybrid visualisation model for technology roadmapping: Bibliometrics, qualitative methodology and empirical studyZhang, Y; Guo, Y; Wang, X; Zhu, D; Porter, AL
1-Jan-2014A patent analysis method to trace technology evolutionary pathwaysZhou, X; Zhang, Y; Porter, AL; Guo, Y; Zhu, D
1-Feb-2018Architectural innovation and the emergence of a dominant design: The effects of strategic sourcing on performancePark, WY; Ro, YK; Kim, N
9-Oct-2014How to combine term clumping and technology roadmapping for newly emerging science & technology competitive intelligence: “problem & solution” pattern based semantic TRIZ tool and case studyZhang, Y; Zhou, X; Porter, AL; Vicente Gomila, JM
1-Jun-2011Backcasting energy futures using industrial ecologyGiurco, D; Cohen, B; Langham, E; Warnken, M
1-Jan-2014Triple Helix innovation in China's dye-sensitized solar cell industry: Hybrid methods with semantic TRIZ and technology roadmappingZhang, Y; Zhou, X; Porter, AL; Gomila, JMV; Yan, A
1-Dec-2017Forensic Science: Current State and Perspective by a Group of Early Career ResearchersMorelato, M; Barash, M; Blanes, L; Chadwick, S; Dilag, J; Kuzhiumparambil, U; Nizio, KD; Spindler, X; Moret, S
1-Jan-2015Locked into Copenhagen pledges - Implications of short-term emission targets for the cost and feasibility of long-term climate goalsRiahi, K; Kriegler, E; Johnson, N; Bertram, C; den Elzen, M; Eom, J; Schaeffer, M; Edmonds, J; Isaac, M; Krey, V; Longden, T; Luderer, G; Méjean, A; McCollum, DL; Mima, S; Turton, H; van Vuuren, DP; Wada, K; Bosetti, V; Capros, P; Criqui, P; Hamdi-Cherif, M; Kainuma, M; Edenhofer, O
1-Jan-2015The impact of near-term climate policy choices on technology and emission transition pathwaysEom, J; Edmonds, J; Krey, V; Johnson, N; Longden, T; Luderer, G; Riahi, K; Van Vuuren, DP
1-Nov-2007Measuring patent assessment quality-Analyzing the degree and kind of (in)consistency in patent offices' decision makingBurke, PF; Reitzig, M
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