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Jan-2010Adipocere formation in a river environmentNotter, SJ; Stuart, BH; Dent, BB; Langlois, NE; Vieira, DN; Busuttil, A; Cusach, D; Beth, P
Jan-2010Pyrolysis gas chromatography - mass spectrometry analysis for the estimation of pig bone age for forensic applicationRaja, S; Stuart, BH; Thomas, P; O'Brien, C; Vieira, DN; Busuttil, A; Cusach, D; Beth, P
Jan-2009The Development and Enhancement of Forensic Expertise: Higher Education and In-Service TrainingRoux, CP; Robertson, J; Fraser, J; Williams, R
1-Jan-2016NMR spectroscopy in first-year chemistry at the university of technology SydneyAlexander, J; Ashmore, J; Baker, A; Chadwick, S
1-Jan-2017Imaging metals in the brain by laser ablation-inductively coupled plasma-mass spectrometryHare, DJ; Paul, B; Doble, PA
3-Nov-2009Optimization of the Separation of Amino Acids by Capillary Electrophoresis Using Artificial Neural NetworksVan Gramberg, A; Beavis, A; Blanes, L; Doble, P
Jan-2008Forensic chemistry: Applications to decomposition and preservationForbes, SL; Marc Oxenham
Jan-2009The soil environment and forensic entomologyForbes, SL; Dadour, IR; Byrd, JH; Castner, JL
1-Jan-2009Decomposition studies using animal models in contrasting environments: Evidence from temporal changes in soil chemistry and microbial activityStokes, KL; Forbes, SL; Benninger, LA; Carter, DO; Tibbett, M
8-Sep-2016Forensic Analysis of Volatile Organic Compounds from Decomposed Remains in a Soil EnvironmentStadler, S; Focant, JF; Forbes, SL; Kars, H; Eijkel, LVD
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