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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020The Political Economy of Mass Sport Participation Legacies From Large-Scale Sport Events: A Conceptual PaperThomson, A; Toohey, K; Darcy, S
2020-09-01Scoring and assessment in medical VR training simulators with dynamic time series classificationVaughan, N; Gabrys, B
2020-04-23Crucial role for lung iron level and regulation in the pathogenesis and severity of asthma.Ali, MK; Kim, RY; Brown, AC; Mayall, JR; Karim, R; Pinkerton, JW; Liu, G; Martin, KL; Starkey, MR; Pillar, AL; Donovan, C; Pathinayake, PS; Carroll, OR; Trinder, D; Tay, HL; Badi, YE; Kermani, NZ; Guo, Y-K; Aryal, R; Mumby, S; Pavlidis, S; Adcock, IM; Weaver, J; Xenaki, D; Oliver, BG; Holliday, EG; Foster, PS; Wark, PA; Johnstone, DM; Milward, EA; Hansbro, PM; Horvat, JC
2020-04-01Depictions of the human person: a multidisciplinary approach to teaching ethics for advanced practice nursingCarter, D; De Vitis, M; Dulagil, E
2020-09SG-One: Similarity Guidance Network for One-Shot Semantic Segmentation.Zhang, X; Wei, Y; Yang, Y; Huang, TS
2021-02-01Reproductive health decision-making capacity and pregnancy termination among Ghanaian women: Analysis of the 2014 Ghana demographic and health surveySeidu, AA; Ahinkorah, BO; Agbemavi, W; Amu, H; Bonsu, F
2020-11-01Shifting strategy and energy management of a two-motor drive powertrain for extended-range electric busesNguyen, CT; Walker, PD; Zhang, N
2019Reduced vision-related quality of life in people living with dystonia.Bradnam, L; Chen, C; Graetz, L; Loetscher, T
2020-06-23Shaping the acoustic radiation of a vibrating plateWrona, S; Pawelczyk, M; Qiu, X
2020-10-17Special Issue on Robot and Human Interactive Communication 2020Inamura, T; Pandey, AK; Kumar, S; Williams, MA; Cabibihan, JJ; Behera, L
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