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2018-06-01Organizational improvisation and the reduced usefulness of performance measurement BI functionalitiesPeters, MD; Wieder, B; Sutton, SG
2019-06-01Attachment problems in childhood and the development of anxiety in adolescents: A systematic review of longitudinal and prospective studiesLam, LT; Rai, A; Lam, MK
2018-06-01Victimization narratives and courtroom sexual politics: Prosecuting male Burglars and female pickpockets in Melbourne, 1860-1921Piper, AJ
2019-01Qualitative Evaluation of Evidence-Based Online Decision Aid and Resources for Osteoarthritis Management: Understanding Patient Perspectives.Jeon Y-H; Flaherty I; Urban H; Wortley S; Dickson C; Salkeld G; Hunter DJ
2015-07-24Structural topology optimization for maximum linear buckling loads by using a moving iso-surface threshold methodLuo Q; Tong L
2020-04-07"Standing Shoulder to Shoulder to Tell the Family What Was Really Going On": A Qualitative Study Exploring Palliative Care Clinicians' Perceptions of "Patient-Centered Family Meetings".Cahill PJ; Lobb EA; Sanderson CR; Phillips JL
2019-08-02Effectiveness of preventive dental programs offered to mothers by non-dental professionals to control early childhood dental caries: a review.George A; Sousa MS; Kong AC; Blinkhorn A; Patterson Norrie T; Foster J; Dahlen HG; Ajwani S; Johnson M
2017-01-01A deformation mechanism based material model for topology optimization of laminated composite plates and shellsLuo Q; Tong L
2015-12-01Optimal designs for vibrating structures using a moving isosurface threshold method with experimental studyLuo Q; Tong L
2016-08-01Design of cellular structures with multi-volume fractions using topology optimizationTong LY; Luo QT
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