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2017-01-01Weak Intermolecular Forces, but High Melting PointsGao, J; Djaidi, D; Marjo, CE; Bhadbhade, MM; Ung, AT; Bishop, R
2017-03-01Distributed State Estimation over Unreliable Communication Networks with an Application to Smart GridsRana, MM; Li, L; Su, SW
2012-08-01Incidence and predictors of contracture after spinal cord injurya prospective cohort studyDiong, J; Harvey, LA; Kwah, LK; Eyles, J; Ling, MJ; Ben, M; Herbert, RD
2020-01-13Heritable nanosilver resistance in priority pathogen: a unique genetic adaptation and comparison with ionic silver and antibiotics.Valentin E; Bottomley AL; Chilambi GS; Harry EJ; Amal R; Sotiriou GA; Rice SA; Gunawan C
2020-09-01Nonlinear Connection Stiffness Identification of Heritage Timber Buildings Using a Temperature-Driven Multi-Model ApproachYang Q; Lyu M; Zhu X
2020-06Extended-hours palliative care service with a hospital-avoidance and enhanced-care approach: report of a quality improvement project.Keall R; Lovell M
2015-01-01Creative craft-based textile activity in the age of digital systems and practicesKenning, G
2018-11-01Some reflections on past and future of nonlinear dynamics in economics and financeAnufriev, M; Radi, D; Tramontana, F
2019-09-02Characteristics of people with pressure ulcers using one year's routinely collected data in a defined diverse communityJackson, D; Hutchinson, M; Neville, S; Padula, WV; Usher, K; Gardner, S; Betteridge, R; Durrant, L
2015-11-05Macroporous flexible polyvinyl alcohol lithium adsorbent foam composite prepared via surfactant blending and cryo-desiccationNisola, GM; Limjuco, LA; Vivas, EL; Lawagon, CP; Park, MJ; Shon, HK; Mittal, N; Nah, IW; Kim, H; Chung, WJ
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