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2019-01-20Open-circuit Fault-tolerant Strategies for a Five-phase Flux-switching Permanent Magnet Motor Based on Model Predictive Torque Control MethodChen F; Hua W; Huang W; Zhu J; Tong M
2019-01-01Effects of DEM resolutions on LS and hillslope erosion estimation in a burnt landscapeShan L; Yang X; Zhu Q
-COVID‐19 and Indigenous Peoples: an imperative for actionPower T; Wilson D; Best O; Brockie T; Bourque Bearskin L; Millender E; Lowe J
2019-09-12Polymer Electrolytes for Lithium-Based Batteries: Advances and ProspectsZhou D; Shanmukaraj D; Tkacheva A; Armand M; Wang G
2019-05-31First record of Miltogramminae from New Caledonia: a new species of Protomiltogramma (Diptera: Sarcophagidae).Johnston NP; Wallman JF; Pape T
2016-01How contracts and culture mediate joint transactions of innovation partnershipsSchweitzer J
2019-10-01Real-Time Tracking of Structural Stiffness Reduction with Unknown Inputs, Using Self-Adaptive Recursive Least-Square and Curvature-Change TechniquesAskari M; Yu Y; Zhang C; Samali B; Gu X
2020-05Learning with Privileged Information for Photo Aesthetic AssessmentShu Y; Li Q; Liu S; Xu G
2020-04-18Modeling water flux in osmotic membrane bioreactor by adaptive network-based fuzzy inference system and artificial neural network.Hosseinzadeh A; Zhou JL; Altaee A; Baziar M; Li X
2019-03Pharmacological treatment of attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder comorbid with an anxiety disorder: a systematic review.Villas-Boas CB; Chierrito D; Fernandez-Llimos F; Tonin FS; Sanches ACC
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