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2018-12-01Non-destructive evaluation of ferromagnetic material thickness using Pulsed Eddy Current sensor detector coil voltage decay rateUlapane, N; Alempijevic, A; Valls Miro, J; Vidal-Calleja, T
2018-12-01Microwave On-Chip Bandpass Filter Based on Hybrid Coupling TechniqueLi, M; Yang, Y; Xu, KD; Zhu, X; Wong, SW
2020-04Benzodiazepine Prescribing in People with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease: Clinical Considerations.Currow, DC; Agar, MR
2014-01-01Prioritizing consumers in smart grid: A game theoretic approachTushar, W; Zhang, JA; Smith, DB; Poor, HV; Thiébaux, S
2019-08-19Supply chain resilience for performance: role of relational practices and network complexitiesChowdhury, MMH; Quaddus, M; Agarwal, R
2018-02-01Flood protection and endogenous sorting of households: the role of credit constraintsHusby, T; de Groot, HLF; Hofkes, MW; Filatova, T
2019-12-01A New Small-World IoT Routing Mechanism Based on Cayley GraphsJiang, Y; Ge, X; Zhong, Y; Mao, G; Li, Y
2015-01-01Employment standards for australian Urban firefighters: Part 1: The essential, physically demanding tasksTaylor, NAS; Fullagar, HHK; Mott, BJ; Sampson, JA; Groeller, H
2019-07-01A Useful Methodology to Convert the Smartphone Metal Cover into an Antenna Booster for NFC ApplicationsZhu, JQ; Ban, YL; Xu, RM; Lian, JW; Sim, CYD; Zhang, Y; Nie, Z
2020-05-20Helium-Oxygen Mixture Model for Particle Transport in CT-Based Upper Airways.Islam, MS; Gu, Y; Farkas, A; Paul, G; Saha, SC
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