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2017-01-01Learning occupational practice in theâ absence of expert guidance: The agentic action of australian home care workersPalesy, D; Billett, S
2019Introduction: Challenging Gender ViolencePiper, A; Stevenson, A; Piper, A; Stevenson, A
2019-09-01Association between pre-diabetes, type 2 diabetes and trabecular bone score: The Vietnam Osteoporosis StudyHo-Pham, LT; Tran, B; Do, AT; Nguyen, TV
2019-07-31Effects of acids pre-treatment on the microbial fermentation process for bioethanol production from microalgaePhwan, CK; Chew, KW; Sebayang, AH; Ong, HC; Ling, TC; Malek, MA; Ho, YC; Show, PL
2014-01-011-D FDTD EM, thermal, and displacement multiphysics simulationsEyde, ZS; Ziolkowski, RW
2018-07-01Transition to low-carbon economy: Assessing cumulative impacts of individual behavioral changesNiamir, L; Filatova, T; Voinov, A; Bressers, H
2017-10-15Online auto-calibration of triaxial accelerometer with time-variant model structuresYe, L; Argha, A; Celler, BG; Nguyen, HT; Su, SW
2019-04-15Reproductive outcomes following treatment for a gynecological cancer diagnosis: a systematic reviewGerstl, B; Sullivan, E; Vallejo, M; Koch, J; Johnson, M; Wand, H; Webber, K; Ives, A; Anazodo, A
2018-05-01An evolutionary game theoretic approach for stable and optimized clustering in vanetsKhan, AA; Abolhasan, M; Ni, W
2018-05-01Model Predictive Control for Distributed Microgrid Battery Energy Storage SystemsMorstyn, T; Hredzak, B; Aguilera, RP; Agelidis, VG
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