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2009-12-30Are the processes recommended by the NHMRC for improving Cardiac Rehabilitation (CR) for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people being implemented?: An assessment of CR Services across Western AustraliaThompson, SC; DiGiacomo, ML; Smith, JS; Taylor, KP; Dimer, L; Ali, M; Wood, MM; Leahy, TG; Davidson, PM
2017-11-01Antimicrobial activity of immobilized lactoferrin and lactoferricinChen, R; Cole, N; Dutta, D; Kumar, N; Willcox, MDP
2010-12-01Protecting next generation high speed network protocol - UDT through generic security service application program interface - GSS-APIBernardo, DV; Hoang, D
2004-01FMODSS: A decision support system for solving multiple objective linear programming problem with fuzzy parameterWu, F; Lu, J; Zhang, G; Meredith, R; Shanks, G; Arnott, D; Calsson, S
2016-09-01Selling substitute goods to loss-averse consumers: limited availability, bargains, and rip-offsRosato, A
2011-01-01Recent developments in offshore renewable energy in the Asia-Pacific regionLeary, D; Esteban, M
2010-01Women directors' contribution to board decision-making and strategic involvement: The role of equality perceptionNielsen, S; Huse, M
2007-12-01Using agent's commitments for multi-agent problem solvingGoyal, M
2016-01-01Review: Looking for Ashley: Re-reading What the Smith Case Reveals about the Governance of Girls, Mothers and Families in CanadaSteele, LR
2017-09-15A Submap Joining Based RGB-D SLAM Algorithm using Planes as FeaturesWang, J; Song, J; Zhao, L; Huang, S
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