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2019-06-01Sediment load change with erosion processes under simulated rainfall eventsSun, L; Fang, H; Cai, Q; Yang, X; He, J; Zhou, JL; Wang, X
2019-01-01Identification of Bacillus and Yersinia species and hoax agents by protein profiling using microfluidic capillary electrophoresis with peak detection algorithmsBowman, S; Casares-de-Cal, MÁ; Alvarez-Dios, J; Gomez Tato, A; Roffey, P; Richardson, A; McNevin, D; Gahan, ME
2019-11-21Building a Digital Entrepreneurial Platform through Local Community Activity and Digital Skills with Ngemba First Nation AustraliaPradhan, S; Beetson, S; Gordon, G; Ford, J
2020-01-01Intra-individual Completion Time Modulates the Prediction Error Negativity in a Virtual 3D Object Selection TaskSingh AK; Chen HT; Gramann K; Lin CT
2019-01-1510-million-elements-per-second printing of infrared-resonant plasmonic arrays by multiplexed laser pulsesPavlov, D; Gurbatov, S; Kudryashov, SI; Danilov, PA; Porfirev, AP; Khonina, SN; Vitrik, OB; Kulinich, SA; Lapine, M; Kuchmizhak, AA
2019-01-01Upconversion nanoparticles assisted multi-photon fluorescence saturation microscopyChen C; Wang F; Wen S; Liu Y; Shan X; Jin D; Nicolau DV; Fixler D; Goldys EM
2018-06-09Is F automatic?Elder, MJ
2019-04-01Use of Plankton for ManagementRissik, D; Ajani, P; Bowling, L; gibbs, M; Kobayashi, T; Pitt, K; Richardson, A; Suthers, I
2019-01-01Formulation and evaluation of solid self-microemulsifying drug delivery system for azilsartan medoxomilMadan, JR; Patil, K; Awasthi, R; Dua, K
2019-01-01An investigation of parametrized difference revision operatorsAravanis, T; Peppas, P; Williams, MA
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