Designing Our City

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The exhibition presented design-oriented research to offer an alternative future vision to that of tile City of Sydney's Sustainable Sydney 2030 plan, The work, developed in Masters of Architecture Studio, was produced in partnership with the School of Architecture (11TS) and the Object Gallery, Contribution Innovation in methodology and New Knowledge. 1was curator of exhibition content and design of artwork layout. Significance The research rationale accepted that the pervasiveness of information economy technologies would, in the hands of today's digitally aware youth, substantially affect the social and political patterns of urban inhabitation and generate new urban programs and forms. The specific methodology employed collection of qualitative and quantitative data, associated with the use of such devices, which was then projectively translated through a range of digital softwares and 'sites', Significant was thatthe act of projective mapping resisted any move towards the projection of professionally valorised and sanctioned precedent form. Counter to those methods employed in many conventional planning instruments, the subsequent emergent urban propositions werepremised on the likely reality of a future condition, Thus the design of, and for, the city was anticipated 011 possible future shifts in patterns of inhabitation, rather than on pre-formed tectonic visions.
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