Making Aliyah

ABC Radio National
Street Stories, 2004
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Description: A long form documentary feature about the practice of making aliyah, or returning to the Jewish homeland. In this feature young Jewish Australians discuss their plans to migrate to Israel, and their search for what many feel is a more authentic Jewish identity. Motivations for making aliyah may be religious, cultural or personal and in this program the interviewees reveal a range of reasons why they feel compelled to make aliyah. Significance: This story explored a cultural practice not widely known outside the Jewish community and provides a complex insight into questions of cultural identity. This feature is an example of specialized youth focused journalism, exploring issues of real consequence to young Australians. One of the interviewees for this program, Asaf Namer, returned to Israel to take up military service and was killed while serving with the Israeli army in southern Lebanon in July 2006.
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