Spring and Asura.02 - Disturbance

At the Vanishing Point Contemporary Art Newtown
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Spring and Asura.02 - Disturbance
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Spring and Asura.02 - Disturbance is an interactive artwork developed and created by Chris Bowman that further explores the interconnectivity of the animate and the inanimate. The centerpiece to the exhibition is an interactive artwork that explores the relationship between video images of the natural world and the poem "Spring and Asura" written by Kenji Miyazawa (translated into English by Hiroaki Sato). The work is further explored through the movement of visitors within the space and the recitation of one of the most important of Buddhist sutras: the Heart Sutra. The video sequences represent the artistâs personal explorations of and reflections on the poem and have influenced the development of the software system. Using a combination of image and motion capture technology the artwork explores the movement of light and shade within the video recordings, taking into account the disturbance of the visitor in the space. This self-generating interconnected system creates an ordering and re-ordering of the poetry text resulting in shifts in time, movement and abstraction through the viewing of the work. Spring and Asura .01 (a prototype in development) was exhibited at the Powerhouse Museum (Beta_Space Gallery in 2008). At ATVP we see a more fully developed work that extends the form's interaction, enhances the works responsiveness to the movement of visitors around it and in turn creates a greater sense of engagement between the visitor and the artwork. Importantly, Spring and Asura now exists as pool of images - a metaphor of a chozubachi or tsukubai (a water basin found at Zen Buddhist temples used for ritual purification) on which visitors are encouraged to contemplate the poem and the images. Such interconnectivity is an important metaphor for both the artist and Kenji and it informs every aspect of their artwork.
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